13 Surprising Reasons Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular

Brindle dogs are the most underrepresented and least popular of all dog breeds.

Though they’re not a new breed, the popularity of brindles is on the rise in recent years due to their energy levels and personality.

But unfortunately, that means there are more people who do not get to enjoy this dog breed as much as they should!


Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular?

Brindle dogs are not popular because they are a bit of a pain to maintain. They have high Energy levels, They need special care, and they can be expensive to keep up with.

Here we break down some possible reasons Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular:


1. Limited Genetic Diversity

Brindle dogs are a relatively new phenomenon, having only been recognized by the AKC as a breed in 2015. They’re not even an official breed of their own; rather, they’re grouped with other patterns of coloration such as fallow and piebald.

While this may seem like a small issue at first glance and it is! the fact that brindle dogs aren’t officially recognized by any standard shows just how much trouble some people have understanding what brindles mean for their pets’ health and happiness.

If you want your dog to be happy and healthy, then please don’t discriminate against them!


Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular


2. Energy Level

Brindle dogs are energetic, high-energy dogs. They need a lot of exercise and playtime to keep their energy levels down. If you live in an apartment or don’t want to deal with your dog being too much of a handful, this may not be the right breed for you.

Brindles also tend to be high maintenance when it comes to grooming because they have so many fur colors on their bodies that can be hard to keep clean all the time!

The good news is that brindle coats grow thickly over time so if you’re looking for an understated look where only certain parts of his body show color then this might not be so bad either (but still take care).

Brindles make great family pets but those who aren’t willing or able to give him enough attention may have trouble keeping up with him – especially if he starts getting older before then!


3. Bad Habits

Brindle dogs are known for their bad habits, including:

  • They are known to be stubborn and independent.
  • They are also aggressive and territorial.
  • The brindle dog is protective of its owner, territory, family members or other possessions. This can lead to problems with other dogs or people in the neighborhood who may try to enter that territory without permission from the owner’s dog (who will see this as an invasion).


Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular


4. Larger in Size

Brindle dogs are larger in size. This can lead to them being mistaken for Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Dobermans, or any other large breed of dog.

Some people have also confused brindle dogs with wolf hybrids (also known as coyotes).


5. Health Concerns

Brindle dogs are prone to health concerns. Brindles are a genetic mutation that causes patches of fur on the dog’s body, and it can occur in many different breeds.

The brindle gene is dominant, so if your dog has one parent who carries the brindle gene (and therefore has a 50/50 chance of passing it onto their offspring), then you will likely have a brindle puppy as well!

Not all brindles are created equal though some dogs suffer from health problems associated with having this coat pattern while others don’t seem to be affected at all by having these markings on their coats.

There is no way for us humans or even veterinarians (who specialize in treating animals) to know which type of brindle you’re dealing with until after they’ve been born into your household because there isn’t any test that can determine whether or not an animal has been born with this genetic mutation before they’re even born into our care…and then we’ll never know how much danger lies ahead until we actually see what happens after birth!


Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular


6.Training Challenges

Brindle dogs are not easy to train. They’re stubborn and independent, so you’ll need patience and consistency in order for them to learn new tricks.

They can also be aggressive or territorial when it comes to other animals that enter their territory, which makes them less than ideal for housebreaking.

Brindles also have a reputation for being difficult when it comes to obedience training because they tend not to respond well when called by name (though this may just be due to their temperament).


7. Lack of Awareness in Society

Brindle dogs are not popular in society.

Brindle dogs are misunderstood and not seen as cute or attractive.

The breed is not well known, which makes it difficult for people to recognize them when they see them on the street.


8. Preference for Solid Coat Colors

You may wonder why brindle dogs are so unpopular. The fact is that solid color dogs are more popular and they’re considered as attractive as brindles (and even more so).

This means that if you have a lot of friends who have a preference for solid-colored dogs, chances are they’ll find your brindle to be an eyesore.

Another reason why people prefer solid-color dogs over brindles is because they tend to be easier to maintain. Brindles can get messy quickly due to their unique coat texture, which makes it difficult for owners of these types of animals to keep up with grooming requirements on a regular basis and keeping track of how often/well you’ve been doing this task can become quite frustrating when your dog looks absolutely gorgeous one day but ends up looking unkempt the next!


Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular


9. Mistaken for Mutts or Mixed Breeds

While the term “brindle” is often used to describe any dog that has spots on its coat, it actually refers to a specific pattern of markings. The word itself comes from the Latin brindle, which means “tortoise shell.”

In fact, many people consider this coloration to be as distinctive as spotted cats and dogs or striped horses a rarity among animals! However, despite being considered beautiful by many people (and even featured in artwork by Leonardo da Vinci), brindle dogs are generally unpopular with breeders seeking a profitable purebred line because their appearance makes them difficult to sell at shows and auctions.


10. Misconceptions About Breed Type

If you’re looking for the perfect dog, you may have heard that brindle dogs are a rare breed. But is this true? No. Brindle dogs are not a breed at all they’re just one color variant in your standard dog.

And while they may be uncommon and hard to find, they’re actually quite common! To understand why they aren’t always considered as desirable as other breeds or types, let’s take a look at some common misconceptions about brindles:

  • As mentioned above, brindles aren’t really a breed but rather something that happens when two different kinds of dogs breed together (e.g., Labrador Retrievers and Akitas). This means there will never be more than one brindle litter per year; if you want to get one yourself then there’s no guarantee that it’ll happen again next year!
  • Another misconception about these dogs is that their markings make them seem more exotic than others of their kind—but this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact most people don’t even know what makes up these unique colors until after seeing firsthand how beautiful each individual animal truly looks when healthy and happy in their environment.”


Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular


11. Expensive to Purchase or Adopt

Brindle dogs are not only expensive to buy, they also cost a lot more when it comes to purchasing. A pedigree brindle dog can cost up to $1,000 more than its non-pedigree cousin.

In addition, there is an additional price tag attached if you want your new pet’s health and temperament tested.

This can add hundreds of dollars on top of the original purchase price for some puppies that have had issues with their hips or eyesight due only to breeding practices that were out of date at the time they were born.


12. Grooming Requirements

Brindle dogs are not hypoallergenic, so it’s important to remember that a brindle dog can still be allergic. They will shed more than other breeds of dogs and need regular brushing and grooming to keep their hair under control.

Brindle dogs also have a unique smell that may be off-putting if you’re not used to it and if you do decide to adopt one, remember that they need daily baths!


13. The Neglect of Brindle Dogs in Shelters

Brindle dogs are often overlooked in shelters. It’s not just that they’re not as cute or photogenic, it’s also because most people don’t know what a brindle dog is supposed to look like.

They’re often mistaken for mixed breeds, or simply assumed to be mutts and if you’ve seen one of these dogs before, then you know how much work goes into taking care of them!


Why Brindle Dogs Are Unpopular


Other Dog Breeds that Share Some of The Same Traits as Brindle Dogs

Brindle dogs are a unique and beautiful breed, but unfortunately, they’re often overlooked. But just because brindles aren’t as popular doesn’t mean they’re not worth looking at!

There are other dog breeds out there that share some of the same traits as brindle dogs and if you’re looking for a new furry companion, these breeds could be right up your alley.

These breeds include boxers, Boston terriers, French bulldogs, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Pugs, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Dachshunds, and Greyhounds. Each of these breeds has their own distinct characteristics and personality traits but they all share a similar brindle coloring in their fur. So if you love the look of brindle dogs but want to explore other options? These are definitely worth considering!


Are Brindle Dogs Rare?

Yes, brindle dogs are uncommon. The reason for this is that they have a recessive gene that makes them appear to have a striped coat of fur.

This means that there isn’t an abundance of purebreds who are born with these markings so if you’re looking for one, it might take some time to find one in your area!


Why Are Brindle Dogs Rare?

Brindle coat patterns in dogs aren’t exactly rare, but they aren’t as common as solid coats or ones that feature black-and-white spotting. The brindle pattern is created by the interaction of two different color genes within an animal’s DNA, so it can show up in any breed—no matter how obscure!

Although brindle is a fairly common coat pattern in certain breeds, such as Boxers and French Bulldogs, within any given breed the overall proportion of dogs with this coloration may be small compared to those who are solid-colored.




Though this doesn’t change the fact that they are adorable and loyal family pets, it is always good to know why people don’t like them as much. Based on their looks, brindle dogs do not get as much attention from pet lovers.

This does not mean that you should keep your dog away from the spotlight because of his/her appearance. Just ensure to train and socialize your pet early so it doesn’t develop any bad habits.




Why Are Brindle Dogs More Aggressive?

Because brindle dogs have more testosterone than other breeds and are stronger, they are often perceived as aggressive.

Is Brindle a Dominant Gene in Dogs?

Yes, brindle is a dominant gene that can be passed down to offspring and express itself in any breed.

What Is the Rarest Color of Dog?

According to the American Kennel Club, the rarest color of dog is black and tan. This particular coat pattern is most common in German Shepherds, but it may also be seen in other breeds. A black-and-tan dog has a solid base coat that is either black or liver brown in color; this base coat can be intermixed with spots of tan.

Do Brindle Dogs Live Longer?

There is no evidence that brindle dogs live longer than other breeds. However, it’s possible that the patterning in a brindle coat may help protect against sunburn and skin cancer.

What Does Brindle Stand For?

Brindle is a patterning found in some dog coats. Brindle dogs have dark stripes that run across the length of their coat and are often confused with piebald dogs. However, brindles typically have a darker base coat color than piebalds do.

How Much Is a Brindle Dog Worth?

Brindle dogs are worth anywhere between $200 and $1,000. The price of a brindle dog depends on the breed, age, size, and general health of the animal.

Is Brindle Dominant Over Black?

Yes, brindle is dominant over black. This means that if you breed a black dog and a brindle dog together, all of their offspring will be brindles.

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