Why Does My Dog Eat My Discharge: 15 Best Unheared Facts

I am sure that you have seen this question a million times “why does my dog eat my discharge“.

No, I’m not talking about a dog that eats its own poop.

There are some dogs who will eat all sorts of things around the home, from saliva to hair.

There are many reasons why your dog might eat your discharge.

This can be embarrassing if it happens to you or a friend, but it doesn’t need to be.

I’ll show you the “reasons” why dogs eat discharge and give you some tips on how to prevent future episodes from happening.


Why Does My Dog Eat My Discharge: It Is A Common Behavior

It is a common behavior for dogs to eat their owner’s discharge. 

The discharge is usually caused by an infection in the vagina, 

and it’s usually not harmful to your dog. 

But if the discharge smells bad, 

or if it looks like blood, 

it may be time to talk to your veterinarian about it.

It Smells Like You

Your dog’s nose is a powerful tool. 

It can detect chemicals and other odors that are invisible to the naked eye. 


when your dog eats discharge from your body, it’s probably because he smells those same chemicals!


They Crave Salt

The reason your dog eats your discharge is that they crave salt.

When you have an infection, 

your dog’s body will produce more urine, and in response to that, 

they’ll start eating their own urine and the discharge from their bladder to help get rid of the excess fluid. 

They do this because the waste products from their bodies are poisonous to them, 


they need to get rid of them by either drinking or eliminating them through a different route.


They Are Bored

Your dog may be eating your discharge because they are bored.

Dogs are natural hunters, 

so if they’re not getting enough exercise and mental stimulation, 

they may turn to food as a substitute.

Some dogs also find it soothing to chew on things that smell like their owners.


Dogs Love Licking

Dogs love licking and will do it often in your home. 

This could be because of the fact that they like the taste of their owner’s discharge and that you may have dry skin or a dry nose. 

The dog will lick the discharge on its owner’s face or body because it feels good to them. 

They could also be trying to get rid of germs as they lick at them.



There are some other reasons included;

1)  From a pet’s perspective, discharge that comes from your body is just another bodily fluid.

2) A dog that’s munching on the sanitary pads of their human might see the blood as a sign of illness, and they’re attempting to help in the only way they know how by eating it.

3) Some dogs eat their owner’s discharge because they have a nutrient deficiency.

4) It could be a behavior that he was taught by his mother.

5) When a dog eats something outside its normal food it could be related to “pica,” which is defined as an abnormal craving for or compulsion to eat things that have no nutritional value (like wood).

6) Many dogs seem to enjoy eating discharge from a human vagina.

7) Dogs are scavengers by nature and are attracted to any kind of organic matter.

8) It is possible that the pH levels in your vaginal discharge are what makes it so tasty for your pooch.

9) Dogs are likely to eat anything that smells like salt.

10) Dogs are born with an instinctive sense to clean things up. If your dog eats your discharge, he’s just doing what he was programmed to do.

11) Dogs have a natural need to regulate the pack. That includes keeping you healthy by eating potentially harmful substances.

12) The taste of your vaginal discharge is like nectar to your dog. He simply can’t resist the urge to eat it and may try to sneak into the bathroom whenever you’re ovulating.

13) Your dog is hungry and eating your discharge because it’s easier than going into the kitchen and getting his own food

14) Your dog could have a sexual motivation for eating your discharge.

15) Your dog finds your discharge as delicious as you do. He has excellent taste!

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How to Prevent Your Dog Eat Your Discharge

There are a few things you can do to try to prevent your dog from eating your discharge. 


First, make sure that the area around your discharge is clean and free of any distractions

You should also try to keep the area around your discharge clear of any objects that could get caught in his mouth and cause him harm.


If you have a dog that is prone to eating things, it is highly recommended that you either train him not to eat certain items or give them away

If you want to train him not to eat certain objects, 

there are many ways you can do this. 

You can try using treats or food as bribes or rewards for good behavior. 

You can also try using clicker training with treats or other rewards as rewards for correct behavior.


If you do not want to use clicker training because it may be too difficult for your dog at this age, 

then another option would be crate training. 

Crate training involves putting your pet inside his crate where he will only be able to see out through a small hole in the top of the crate so that he cannot reach anything by sticking his head out of it after being trained not to do so by putting an object like wood shavings in front of the hole for a few days until he gets used to it and then removing the wood shavings. 

You can also try putting a leash on your dog when you are not home so that he cannot get into trouble while you are gone.

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While your dog may have their own reasons for eating the discharge,

it could be that they think of it as a snack.

If this is the case,

it will be helpful to come up with a better plan of how to handle the problem.

For example,

you could try putting some pepper or hot sauce on your discharge before you go to bed.


if your dog is just being mischievous and is not actually hungry,

then there may be no real solution.

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